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its new long-term jobs program. it is not without controversy. that means, cooperation could be hard to come by. even among democrats. plenty of back patting today for president obama as he unveiled his newest plan to save the economy from a double dip. >> there are no better workers that american workers. i will put my money on you any day of the week. >> it seems the majority are lacking that same confidence in him. a recent opinion research poll shows that nearly six in the 10 disapprove of the way he handles the economy. >> there is no silver bullets. there is no quick fix. >> how will he do it? by real building 150,000 miles of roads. 4,000 miles of railways. a new air traffic control system but to cut down on delays. he says he will work with
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congress to make sure it is fully paid for, not add to the deficit. critics say the first stimulus miss the mark and this could be more of the same. >> it is time for him to confess up to the fact that his spending spree has failed. >> that was hardly the case as mr. obama said, this is a battle he will not back down from. >> i am going to keep fighting every single day, every single hour, every single minute, to turn this economy around. >> it was as much a campaign speech than anything else. a good portion of it was spent bashing republicans. the president said he will make this case across the country between now and november. >> president obama at this point in his administration has put fewer judges on the bench than any president since richard
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nixon. it is unlikely that the senate will pick up the pace this fall because lawmakers are busy campaigning before the election. many voters have taken advantage of the opportunities to cast their ballots this holiday weekend. election officials still the washington post more than 3300 people voted on saturday at 5 locations around the city. officials say most voters did not experience long waits. early voting assemblies are open today until 7:00 tonight. to battleground md., a republican candidate bob ehrlich has released its first tv ad trade the commercial features a former governor, his family, who said the state is in trouble. he is likely to challenge democratic incumbent martin o'malley in a rematch of 2006.
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a warning today for maryland voters, a fake ballot is circulating in prince george's county. the ballot says it is coming up from the authority of the citizens for change. there is no such organization. maryland attorney general says he is looking into the source of that fake ballots. fire investigators are still on the scene at charles town race track. three guards caught fire earlier this morning, killing dozens of horses. we have home video of the inferno. >> the video we will show you is to render us. -- is horrendous. one of the owners of one of the horses that passed away and this fire is standing in the exact spot where the style was. it looks like she is holding back tears. >> there are forces in there. >> these images were captured in
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the first terrifying moments. >> they had been playing poker in the nearby rock hollywood casino. they shot the video as they rushed to help get as many horses to safety as possible. >> this growth is on fire. you people need to move. -- roof is on fire. >> i felt like my shoes were going to melt off my feet. >> they had only enough time to save 26 horses. 27 would die. firefighters say it was a nightmare, realizing that horses were dying as they fought and unwinnable battle. >> everything is totally combustible at andy's barnes. they are all wood frame spread a lot of hay and straw. >> even as the surviving horses were walk to a new barn this afternoon, people thought about the ones which died.
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>> i feel very bad about all this. i am a horse lover. it breaks my heart that they lost that many. >> there is not much left here. it has been mostly cleaned up. there is still smoke coming up even a 13.5 hours later. the cause of this blaze is going to be undetermined for quite some time. i spoke to one of the veterinarians here, he is treating a couple of horses that were badly burned. those that got out seem to be fine. and those that could not get out were lost to this fire. a historical person from the civil-rights movement is dead tonight read jefferson thomas died on sunday. mr. thomas and eight other children refers to black students to enroll in desegregated school in arkansas. they were escorted to a class by
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soldiers. mr. thomas was 68 years old. tenets remarks -- today marks a sad day for britain's royal family. the funeral of princess diana took place 13 years ago today. diana died in eight car crash in the summer of 1997. total -- tony blair called diana in your in the royal ecosystem. coming up, there are worries that tensions related to the upcoming anniversary of 9/11 could provoke violence against students of its slump across america. >> we will give you an update on the matter work that has much of the red line shutdown. >> how about that holiday weekend? i will tell you all the details.
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you are watching abc 7 news at 6:00, on your side. the minutes work on the metro tracks are on schedule. five of metro stations remain closed, but are expected to reopen on time. workers perform operational and safety upgrades. riders coming home from the virginia tech game and the maryland game the to plan
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accordingly for these closures. shuttle bus service is available. a series of muggings at the university of maryland keep students on edge. they have been beaten and robbed three times in the last 10 days. the most recent attack was early saturday morning. police do have two suspects, a 15 year-old and a 22 year-old. police are investigating whether these cases are connected. police in suburban atlanta are looking for the armed robbers who shot and killed a supermarket security guard. the master of robbers shot the guard and left his body in a cooler. there is no word on whether any money was taken. two other employees were tied up, but were not hurt. police are investigating a number of similar robberies in the area. one person is dead after this fiery plane crash in a las vegas neighborhood. a small plane went down shortly
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after takeoff. the pilot was unable to gain altitude. on the ground was hurt. as the average rate of the september 11 terrorist attack leaders, anti islamic rhetoric is rising. >> ar rep read -- our weather was beautiful on this labor day holiday. bob ryan is back with a look at the rest of the week. >> there is a huge college game at fedex field. highlights, coming up. 0
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the ninth anniversary of the september 11 attacks are prompt -- provoking heightened emotions. >> the community center has been the focal point of the discontent. >> as america countdown to the ninth anniversary of the september 11 terrorist attacks, tensions at home and abroad are being ratcheted up. most of the rhetoric centers around the community center and a mosque two blocks from ground zero. >> when they decided to build a
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mosque, i decided that someone should be preaching the truth of god's word. >> he has been speaking out against the islamic center. there are events planned for a protest at ground zero. the ceremonies facebook page has 8000 fans and growing. >> we're going to have an international berne a -- burn a koran day. >> how could you possibly want to build a mosque and dance on the grave of the children who were lost on 9/11 while we are still crying on their graves? >> mosques around the country are beefing up security. muslim groups are now running these ads. >> i do not want to take over this country. >> overseas, at -- people
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gathered in afghanistan to protest the florida churches plan. the crowd chanted, long live islam and death to america. rescue workers have uncovered more bodies and the devastation left behind by a landslide in guatemala. 44 people are dead. more than a dozen are missing. rains caused a number of accidents officials are also concerned about the long-term impact of crop damage. people are still talking about hurricane earl and the damage the storm left behind. it disrupted labor day plans for millions of people on the east coast. one man was killed in the storm. one quarter of a nova scotia
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province lost power. another storm is moving in. this storm formed early this morning. heavy rains have already flooded some towns south of the border, forcing the evacuation of hundreds of families. officials are setting up shelters. >> it is the peak time now, right in the middle of september. nova scotia has got hit by a number of tropical storms. 100 sperm -- 100 miles south of brownsville. what a wonderful day today.
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tanager outside now is a mighty comfortable 85 degrees. the one-, and i think it will go through this week without rain, over two weeks without rain in washington. the pollen count has been well over 70. outside, we made it to 87 degrees. look at the record, 90 degrees. a we will tell you what is going on around the area. that could become a tropical storm again. it is still lurking out there. hermine ke a look at . look at a range coming in. you can see that i circulation, a lot of rain coming in on spots around corpus christi and on into brownsville. once again on the east side, and
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that is where -- remember last week? is saw -- i showed you at seas of up to 30 feet. it is only 6-12 by comparison. no real heavy seas around louisiana and alabama, or they are continuing to clean up look at the timber trees around the east -- cleanup. look at the temperatures around the east. a nice break from that humidity. that will continue as the golan to the next couple of days. tomorrow, you'll wake up and see temperatures into the 60's. temperatures -- a high temperature tomorrow will be near 90 degrees. but it will be comparable. -- comfortable. after that, in a little weather front, the buyout, a slight chance of a sprinkle on
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wednesday. nice september weather coming up. warm days and cool nights, enjoy. a good weekend to get back into football. this is as good as it gets. you have everything that you could want. great weekend. washington is in town. maryland and the navy, virginia tech and boise state. it is about dallas, folks. >> mike shanahan but the speculation about donovan knickknack to rest. it he will start against dallas in the opener this sunday. he took some stacked with the first team at practice, breaking a two week rest periods. because up with some of the
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players. nothing can keep the number 5 away from sunday's matchup. >> we joke around a little bit about it. why would anyone think i would not play the cowboys on sunday night game? >> if he says he cannot be there, will put a little extra tape on his ankle. >> mike sellers was also back from his preseason injury today at practice. he will be ready to go for sunday. but the coach says there is still no word yet on whether moore will play that game. >> albert haynesworth is going to be a big factor in that game as well. boise state is in town to play virginia tech tonight at the next field. this game has a national championship implications. meanwhile, in baltimore, maryland and it may be kicked off at 4:00. this is a touchdown. maryland led a 14-0 after the
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first quarter. but many came back in the second quarter. -- navy came back in the second quarter. right now, it is 14-14. let's go to baseball. the nationals are making some noise in the last week. we go back downtown and pick it up in the bottom of the fourth. mike morris takes this pitch right up the middle. rodriguez's course to break the tie. the bottom of the sixth, how about this guy? he hits a frozen to the upper deck, his second home run of the game. the nationals went 13-3. -- win it 13-3. tiger woods continued to climb the leader board. he fired a three under par with four birdies, one bogey. this is the 15th hole. he will play again next weekend.
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he wins the deutsche bank championship up near boston. in the nfl, the baltimore ravens wide receiver -- he gets $46 million and $32 million of that is guaranteed. >> i saw a lot of boise state t- shirts around here today.
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there's something you never hear vince gray talk about: his record running dc's department of human services. why? under gray, dhs lost out on millions of federal dollars for missing paperwork;
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lost money for the homeless; even lost track of foster children. a court ordered gray's department to improve child services. gray's not a bad guy but he was a bad manager. do we want to go back to that?
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the only folks who feel badly about this beautiful weather are the kids that have to go back to school. >> everybody else is enjoying it. if you are not smiling when you go back to work tomorrow, you are guaranteed to be a ground. a beautiful skies out there. 77 right now. a lot of sunshine and a nice comfortable air. a bit warmer than today, near 90 degrees. after that, the dry pattern continues. a wonderful time of the year.
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